Monday, December 28, 2009

Then And Now-Thanks Facebook

Facebook has given me a lot. It has allowed me to reconnect with old friends, express myself at a moments notice, and glimpse into the past via god-awful old photos from my past. Some people lose their looks with age and some people get better with age. The pictures below are proof that I have gotten better with age. By no means am I saying I am hot or good looking, but if you take a look at 1990, you will see my point.

Born in 1975 I was a hyper little girl who always wanted to be the center of attention. Looking back, I can say I think I was cute. Again, not tooting my horn.

Then came the teen years. I remember trying so hard to fit in and look a certain way. No idea what that "way" was though. I just remember taking an hour and a half to get ready in the mornings before school and letting a bad hair day ruin my week. Looking at the photo below, it makes me wonder what a bad hair day really looked liked? I now know why I was made fun of. I have always been rather hyper, then you add looking like this to the equation and you have me as an outcast. My friends, bless them, never told me I looked rediculous. I guess they were my true friends (you all know who you are). If I ever have a kid, specifically a girl, I definately would find a delicate way to sway her in a better direction if she wanted to look rediculous.

And now, I have finally come into my own at age 34. I really hope that in 20 years I don't look back and ask myself "What was I thinking!?!?". But lets hope as an adult, someone would tell me if I look a mess.

Friday, December 25, 2009

What Was Your Favorite Christmas Present?

I a curious to know what everyone got for Christmas this year. What was your favorite present? Here are some of mine in picture form!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Is it wrong that I don’t get into the Christmas spirit? Is it wrong to not want to put up a tree or send out cards? I feel like people see me as a scrooge because I don’t get into Christmas like most people. I am sure a lot of it has to do with not having any children. But I also don’t like what the season does to some people. It is supposed to be about love and fellowship and giving and caring, yada yada yada. BUT instead I see pushy rude people who are all about themselves making sure they get little Susie that perfect present. People end up driving bad because they are pressured and in a hurry and the season just turns into this mass materialistic hysteria. Yes, there are things I do like about Christmas. I like seeing friends and family who I don’t get to see on a regular basis. I like cooking and baking, I like the cozyness of it all. I have heard “Jesus is the reason for the season” and that is an accurate statement (Thanks Al Boenker). However, not being very religious I don’t get into that aspect of it really either. Frank and I have been compared to Todd and Margo. If you have ever seen Christmas Vacation, you know exactly who I am talking about. I don’t view it as a bad thing. I am not a scrooge and I think it’s great that people love this holiday as much as they do. It’s just not my favorite. If I had it my way, we would spend every Christmas in the Caribbean soaking up the sun and loving life. Maybe not this year, but next year could be very possible. So please don’t stop sending us Christmas cards or wishing us Happy Holidays. It’s ok if it’s your thing and it doesn’t bother me. You just won’t find me doing much of that on my end.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

'Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

'Twas the weekend before Christmas and I got sick. It figures. I have no more available sick days left at work so this one went un-paid. Nice, huh? My body couldn't wait a week? Nope. Normally I would go in late and suffer through it, but I had NO voice, a pounding sinus headache, and my throat felt like it was on fire. I was really upset because Friday night I was supposed to hangout with Shannon for her birthday. So Friday I stayed home from work and got a lot of rest, drank gallons of hot liquids and saved my voice. Fortunately, I did make it out with Shannon and we had a blast as always. I wish I could have been more fun, but I was still not feeling good. We saw a play in Dallas at the Contemporary Theater of Dallas called the Santaland Diaries, a David Saderis comedy. It was a one man act and it was hilarious! We had quiet a time finding the place, but isn't getting there half the fun? Afterwards, we went to Nobu for dinner. We did eat there before the Britney Spears concert last March, but we were in such a rush we didn't get to really enjoy it. This time was much better, we took almost 2 hours to enjoy it! We exchanged Christmas presents and I gave her birthday present too. We both tend to gravitate towards themed gifts, which is great in my book! For Christmas I got her a large "S" monogrammed mug, Cacha├ža,(Brazilian Rum), and "S" monogrammed deck of cards. Shannon loves rum and playing poker. For her birthday I got her tuberose scented candle and a matching bracelet and necklace. This would be the girly, feel pretty theme. Shannon got me for Christmas the Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook and a kitschy apron and towel that match the book cover. It's all super cute!

Shannon and I decided we will get together once a month or so to cook a recipe out of the book together. I am looking forward to it! I can see it now, lots of wine and burned food with a side of laughs!

Last weekend Fabian and Michelle were in town and we had a blast going to several parties and dinners. We went nonstop! This was my first time to meet Fabian's wife Michelle and she was so sweet and I had so much fun with her. She brought me some spa oil from Brazil called Natura Ekos and it smells amazing. I can see me placing an order with her to bring me some more back on her next trip home to Brazil.

And so the whirlwhind week begins tomorrow with dinner at my Mom and Dad's with my Dad's side of the family. I hope I am feeling even better by then. I made another batch of Italian Christmas Cookies as my contribution to tomorrow's dinner.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions. Mostly because it's hard for me to keep them but it's also too cliche. However, being child-free and an eternal empty-nester, it is (and should be) all about me! So, 2010 I am going to learn a foreign languge and try to see more of the world. I have a passport and have been to almost every country in the Caribbean, but I want to be more Global. Ideally I would like to combine business and personal. I am all I have to take care of so I am the perfect candidate to be upwardly mobile. Even if I only go to 1 location in the new year, it's definately something I want to continue this coming year and going forward. Self improvement is where it's at in 2010...the year of ME!