Sunday, February 28, 2010

Johnny Weir Is Fabulous!

Johnny Weir competed in the Vancouver Olympics this year and is the most openly flamboyant figure skater anyone has ever seen. He is (said in my Oprah voice) Fabbbbuloussss!!!! I love love love him and his sparkly onsies. There is an hour and a half long documentary on the Sundance Channel about him and his road to the Olympics. The best part about this documentary are the clips they show off the ice. For instance, Johnny and his best friend Paris (not Hilton, and is a boy) are sitting in the bath together with wine and bubbles while Johnny is wearing a blonde wig and glasses, talking in a Russian accent interviewing his bff Paris about himself. Paris is just as faboosh as Johnny.

Johnny is who he is and makes no apologies. Even when he is at a competition representing the U.S.A. and wearing a jacket with RUSSIA written all over the back. Johnny loves Russia for some reason.

He is now 24/25 and says he is too old to keep competing. I just hope he stays in the spotlight. He has too much presence and personality to blend into the blur.

Anyway, do a search for this show if you love this type of stuff. The name of it is Be Good Johhny Weir: Pop Star on Ice.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Killer Whale Indeed

Yesterday, I posted a link on Facebook about a killer whale in Orlando that killed it's trainer. A lot of details have now come out, so to summarize:

On Feb 24th, a SeaWorld Orlando trainer died Wednesday from "multiple traumatic injuries and drowning" after a killer whale named Tilikum pulled her underwater by her long pony tail near the theme park's Shamu Stadium. The trainer was "interacting" with the killer whale in knee-deep water "when the animal grabbed her by the hair, said to be in a long pony tail, and pulled her underwater," the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. "Rescuers were not able to immediately jump in and render assistance" to the trainer because of the whale's "aggressive nature."

Officials say trainers had to coax an aggressive whale into a smaller pool and use a platform to lift it out of the water before they could free the woman from its jaws.

This Whale Has A Violent Past

~According to the Orlando Sentinel, trainers were forbidden with swimming with Tillikum, a 12,000-pound orca nicknamed "Tilly."

~Only about a dozen of 28 handlers had been specifically trained to work with him from the edge of SeaWorld's pools.

~In 1991, Tilikum and two female killer whales dragged trainer Keltie Byrne underwater, drowning her in front of spectators at Sealand of the Pacific, a defunct aquarium in Victoria, British Columbia.

~Acquired by SeaWorld the next year to breed with female orcas, he was involved in a second incident in July 1999 when the naked body of a man who had apparently sneaked into SeaWorld after hours to swim with the whales was found draped dead across his back.

Why Did This Happen?

A former SeaWorld contractor who has watched Tilikum for 10 years says despite Tilikum's violent past he never saw more than temper tantrums.

"His personality is very laid back," he said. "I've seen him bang his head on the glass. I want to say that Tilikum wasn't doing this intentionally but unfortunately it just looks like he either got curious or bored and wanted to grab her."

He says the 22-foot-long killer whale spends a lot of time alone often in a 15 foot deep pool because he's used for breeding, which is not natural for such a social animal, marine experts say.

"It's a part of their lives to have whales visible to them at all times," said Richard Ellis, a marine conservationist at the American Museum of Natural History. "Put one in a tank and that whale is unhappy."

What Will Happen To Tilikum?

SeaWorld has no plans to euthanize the killer whale that dragged the trainer to her death Wednesday, and will allow trainers to continue to work with the animal, a park official said today.

As two federal agencies launched investigations into the trainers death, the park said it will review its safety policies and determine whether Tillikum, a 12,000-pound bull killer whale, will be used in shows and publicly displayed.

Kickboxing. Nope.

Last night at the gym I watched the kickboxing class while I was on the elliptical and thought "that looks easy"...well, not so much. I always thought I was rather coordinated. Clearly that is not the case as I get older. Yes, it was my first class so I won't know all the moves. But I felt so stupid in there. What made it wose for me was being right next to a wall of mirrors. Seeing myself from a side view in tight workout clothes scared the ba-jesus out of me. I'M AWAKE! Lord. Why is it I thought I was okay? Obviously because I don't own a wall of mirrors. Sweet jesus, that was a good wake up call.

So, I will go back to the formula that got me skinny last year. Going to the gym almost everyday and doing weights and more ab work. I have been so lazy since this past summer. I need to get my giant ass in gear and quickly. I don't have much to offer, so I need to get my body in shape. When I say I don't have much to offer, I mean that I am not tall, I don't have lusterous thick hair, or naturally blonde hair, etc etc etc. SO, I need to rock my body and keep things in check. So all in all, kickboxing wasn't a bad thing. At least I got a good wake up call from it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Shmamdom

More randomness...just 'cause.

1. I HATE some of the music on pop top 40 right now. Some of it sounds like rubbish, some sounds like robot transformer noises, some sounds like alvin and the chipmunks.

2. I hate the word "hottie".

3. F the cold.

4. I want a BMW coupe, black with the reddish/tan interior color.

5. Small aquarium fish freak me the f out.

6. I don't make spologies for being me. If you don't like me, the that is your problem...not mine.

7. I can be easily influenced to buy things if you are a good seller.

8. I like to spoil and be spoiled.

9. There are a shit-load of countries yall. Who knew? Oh well.

10. No, I am not drunk or tired, just random typing what I think as I watch a DVR'd episode of The Simpsons about curling in the Olympics. Also things that went through my mind and/or came up in conversation today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Hate Winter

I am a summer baby. Love the sun, love the warm. I hate the cold. I hate being all tensed up because it's cold. I hate having to pile on clothes and wear bulky jackets. I hate the wind and the grey skies and the rain. However...I LOVED the snow. We had close to a foot of snow last week and broke an all time record with it too. It was beautiful.

What I didn't love was the fact that my windshield wipers broke on the way home from work Thursday while it was snowing hard. I had to pull over several times and use my bare hand to wipe the cold water off the windshield so I could see to drive another few feet. Thank god I don't have a far commute. It would have been next to impossible. The next day, the snow was so high I was literally trapped in my house. I could not get out of my driveway due to the 12 inches of snow. Frank had to leave for Chicago (for work) early that morning and the car service couldn't even make it into the neighborhood. He had to walk out to meet him. Crazy!

This is the picture the night before of Frank and my neighbor shoveling the driveway just so we could get my car into the garage. It was way worse the next morning.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ladies, Did You Know?

Everybody knows that beauty products and makeup have an expiration date. It was always a guessing game for me. But, did you know there is a little symbol on most products that actually tells you how long it's good for? I had no idea about this until I read it in a magazine.

The little symbol looks like this

I bought some new moisturizer, checked the back and voila! was there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Certified Amazing!

If you are a Costco member you MUST buy the organic chicken breasts. They are AMAZING! The regular pack of induvidually packaged chicken breasts cost between $18 and $24. The organic chicken has fewer chicken breasts and cost about $15 each. You get about half the amount as one of the regular. So basically, you pay roughly $10 more for the same quantity. That's my math after 2 glasses of Shiraz (so bear with me). It is really worth it though. For one it taste great, and for two you are not eating a bunch of antibiotics and hormones. It's a win-win!

Anywhoo...Chicken has always been the go-to in my house and I have never loved it. It's just fuel. I try to come up with clever ways to make it have flavor, etc. But I found with the organic, all I had to do was bake it with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning and it was perfection.

Organic chicken...I'll certify that Amazing!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Status Updates

These last 25 Status Updates are proof that I spend too much time on Facebook. 25 updates since January 20th. I do have a life, I really do!

1.could eat an entire bag of kettle cooked potato chips if she didn't care... not watching the super bowl today!
3.on 30 Rock about a tattoo..."It's a mermaid doin it with Captain Morgan." LOL!!!!!! watching something something dark side.
5.thinks the Shake Weight is just plain wrong. bummed the offer fell through :( They couldn't secure their loan. Back to square 1.
7....if your late for special ed, is it improper for the teacher to say you're tardy?
8.had fun with her work peeps tonight at crap daddy's!
9.I swear, if I hear that G.D. Firefly song one more time...
10.will never make it out of a maze. Algorythm's are hard. Simple math, my ass.
11.peanut butter jelly...
12.realized I live my life in "phases".
13.counter accepted. Still have to wait for-ev-er to close though. Mid April. Sux. At least that gives us time to figure out where to live.
14.Wanna make a bet? We'll be neck and neck, taking off the gloves. Spider Vs Bat, Tiger Vs Rat, Rabbit Vs Dove.
15.can't watch sad stories on the news about pets and animals just like people with children can't watch bad things about kids. Yes, I am that person. My name is Amanda and my dogs are my kids. Hi Amanda.
16.18K LESS than asking price! Are you kidding me? Time to counter.
17.doesn't have a story. for an awesome company that @BillGates just followed on Twitter! so bajiggitty.
20."Don't talk to strangers unless you want to meet anyone...ever." so glad to be working out again. Beach body, here I come! 20/30...20/20 isn't far away!
23.I ♥ Daniel Tosh. excited about the unknown!
25.and if you act now...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Happening.

Yup. I just saw my first grey hairs today. Lord knows how long I have had them. But it only is official since I have seen them today. All day I have been thinking of what color I am going to dye my hair. I have always only highlighted my hair, but I guess that's not going to cut it anymore. But you know what else sucks about this? I don't feel old. I still feel young. I have a crap load of energy, I love family guy, I love fashion, electronica, working out, being goofy, and a lot of other crap that old people hate and/or don't get. So far my face is ok. I don't have wrinkles. This sucks. It's just another speed bump on the road of life. I will get by. I don't know...I guess it's ok. If this is my biggest problem physically, then I am ok. I will just keep telling myself that. You are only as young as you feel. Dammit. Rant over.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Food U

I just finished watching an interesting Oprah show. It's all about the food we eat, where it comes from, and how it has changed over the last 50 years. It was very eye opening. It was based on a documentary called Food, Inc. It's now in my Netflix que and I can't wait to see it. Here is some of what I learned from the Oprah show.

~Chickens have been re-engineered through breeding and diet to produce the breast meat consumers want. Compared to 50 years ago, chickens are now raised and slaughtered in half the time and grow twice as big. All done with hormones and anitbiotics.

~While fat-free yogurt may be 99% fat-free, they have more calories than full fat yogurt because of the sugar.

~Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.

~Don't eat things your Great Grandmother wouldn't recognize. Would Granny know what Go-gurt is? Probably not.

~Most will complain about the time and expense to eat healthier, but what about the time and expense you will have in medical bills? Good point.

In America, it's often cheaper for a family to eat fast food than purchase fresh produce. Federal agricultural policies are to blame. Government subsidize the fast food in the form of the $56 billion we spent over the last 10 years to subsidize corn, soy, wheat—just a handful of crops. We don't do anything to subsidize fresh produce.

To read the full show transcript, click here.