Friday, July 1, 2011

Facebook...It's Not Me, It's You

I have deactivated my Facebook before, but never for long and I never really had a reason to. However. It has become out of control. I didn't have a lot of friends on there, but I had close to 200. I had a lot of good family, friends, old acquaintances from school, and co-workers. Here is how my decision to deactivate came to be:

1. Family. When I have to find things out about my family via Facebook, there is a communication problem.

2. Friends. I have the phone number and email address of everyone I truly care about. I need to spend more time growing those relationships in person, at least by phone at a minimum.

3. Acquaintances. I think it's cool to re-discover friends who you went to Elementary school with, but I don't know you anymore...nor do I care what your children are doing.

4. Co-workers. Need I say more? I was recently promoted to a Management position in my company. As a 36 year old Marketing Manager, I need to start separating myself from the "party crowd" at work. One thing I have noticed, is that the few managers at work I was friends with on Facebook, never post, never update, and are not friends with very many other co-workers.

I know some of those reasons may sound kind of mean, but the place I am coming from really isn't mean. I am just over it. Too much shared information and I don't feel like having to edit my settings for each group of people, etc.

I will still use Twitter and you can follow me @stateofamanda. You also know how to reach me if you are getting this email (obviously). I will also post to my blog more often with pics and updates about what I have going on, etc.

I also know I will miss out on stuff, but I will do my best to stay up to date with everyone. Just don't forget about me!

Love to all,