Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Quest For Less

Weight that is. I have read various articles that give good tips on ways to reduce belly fat and help aid in weight loss. In addition to exercise, of course. Some things are a given, like drinking water through out the day. A lot of people do this. It helps you feel full. People also put lemon in their water to give it some flavor.

Lemons - The pectin in lemon peel is an excellent source of fiber, which helps stop the body from absorbing sugar quickly. Pectin also helps eliminate cravings. Drinking water with a whole lemon for weight loss is an excellent way to speed up weight loss and detox the body.

Cherries - Cherries are low in calories, low in fat and contain a high percentage of water. Research has shown increasing water consumption will boost energy levels and help increase metabolism.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice - Drinking 3 glasses a day over 12 weeks, can help you loose an additional 3 pounds. Try the brands that are 100% juice and no added sugar.

Milk - Several studies have concluded that calcium-rich dairy products helped people lose more weight from the abdominal region than those taking calcium supplements or eating a low-calcium diet.

I definately plan on trying these tips in addition to exercising more frequenly. My body isn't the same it was 10 years ago. Hell, even one year ago. It's crazy what mid-30's can do to ones ability to lose weight and keep it off.

Expedition Great White

Oh. Mah. Gah. I am about to be in Shark Nerd Heaven. I just saw a commercial on National Geographic for a new show coming out called Expedition Great White. Amazing. Check out this preview!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

If You Love To Travel...

You need to check out my friend Shannon's new website. That Travel Spark. She gives great advice on traveling with kids, packing, and planning great trips. You will also find good tips and ideas to know before you go!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing Up Is Easy To Do

Not only is it easy, it is rather seamless. Some people have kids and are kind of forced to enter into this phase of life. It just happened for me. One day I give a crap about being "young" and wearing the trends and knowing the most current gossip then the next I don't care. I still want to look presentable, but if I look 35, it's ok.

Last year I would have been mortified to look 34. You can't fight age. All you can do is embrace it and do your best to look your best. Nobody wants to be that lady who wears clothes from the junior department. We all know who they are because its so obvious.

Another reason I notice I am entering the next phase of life is if I am in Macy's with a chance to buy cute clothes or an awesome coffee maker...yeah, I'm going with the awesome coffee maker.

I no longer care what people think of me. I pretty much have spent my adult life not caring what people think of me, but it is more pronounced now. If you don't like me...that's your problem, not mine.

I am starting to see how I used to be in younger people now. When I was in my mid to late 20's, I was so freaking ambitious and wanted so badly to be the golden child at work that I once arranged a limo, Mediteranian dinner w/belly dancer at a restarant in Dallas for my Boss and all his direct reports...who had to fly in. Yeah, I thought I was the shit. Looking back now, if I were one his direct reports would have been rolling my eyes and wondering why the young'en was trying so hard.

It's just so funny how life changes over time and how much more comfortable I am with myself now. I no longer feel I have to impress, dress, or wow anyone. I do the best I can do at my job, I am a good friend, and I try to not look like a mess. And I am happier than I have ever been.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Dog Is An Asshole?

My husband, Frank, thinks my dog Todd is an Asshole. Kind of funny actually. Here is some of his reasoning:

1. He's always mad at stuff.

2. He eats Bananas only because our other dogs Tangie and Lucy like them. He doesn't even like Bananas!

3. He gets mad (barks like hell) when Frank takes a shower.

4. He gets mad (barks like hell) when Frank goes into the garage.

5. He's a "buzz-kill". He barks like hell when he hears things outside. Usually when we are watching a movie or are into a tv show.

6. He only likes to get pet when the other dogs are already getting attention.

7. Todd is a cock-blocker. Anytime Frank goes to kiss me, he sticks his little self in the middle of us.

8. He doesn't give a shit about a toy unless one of the other dogs has it.

9. He pees on fucking everything.

10. He only pukes on carpet. Refuses to puke on the wood floor. This is typical when he eats grass outside.

With all that said, Todd monkey is my baby. He is 8 years old and dammit he isn't going to change a thing. He loves his mamma and does what daddy says because he knows daddy will smack him. Don't get it wrong though. Frank loves Todd monkey. He was a birthday gift for me in 2002 and Frank has trained him to do a lot of stuff.

I love my Todd. He is my O.G.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blogging for Bill

Our neighbor of 6 years, Bill, passed away last night. It is so sad because he and his wife Cheryl were the best of friends. Bill was diagnosed with pancratic cancer last Christmas. We were told this at their annual Christmas gag gift exchange for 2009. Bill was one of the most kind and caring person I knew. He was a spitfire though. Ex Navy, wood-worker, smoker, diabetic, drinker, curser, sweetheart. So sweet and welcoming. We didn't go over there enough to visit. We normally would go over for their Christmas party and the occasional summer celebrations. Sad because they live right across the street. Bill always greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheeck. He always treated us like family, although he didn't know us very well. Bill was surrounded with a large family and great friends. It is so comforting to know that Cheryl is being comforted by them all in this difficult time. If I didn't know I would think this was just another outdoor celebration, which Bill would be at the center of. I couldn't imagine them not grieving any differently.

I went over to give my condolences this morning. It started Thursday night when I saw the ambulance and firetruck outside their house. I then saw Bill being brought out on the gurney. Friday went by and only 1 car was in the driveway. I thought this was a good sign. He was still in the hospital and Cheryl was by his side. It all changed when I went to get the mail this morning and saw all the cars and people carrying in food. I knew what had happened. I went across the street and my other neighbor was mowing his yard (which was really sweet) told me what happened. I went inside to offer my condolences to Cheryl. My heart goes out to her.

More family and friends gathered tonight so I went back over to say hello and offer condolences to Cheryls kids (who are my age), but I couldn't hold my shit together. I was going to start crying and they don't need more of that right now. So I will bake a cake and take over a card tomorrow.

God Bless you will be missed.

Love, Frank and Amanda (a.k.a. Batman and Mrs. Batman)