Tuesday, October 28, 2008

X-Rated Fusion

I found a great girly drink that is an easy choice at parties, X-Rated Fusion. Simply mix with sprite (zero) and ice and voila! It's a blood orange flavored French vodka liqueur. It's sweet without being overly sweet. If you are in the mood to try something new, check this out. It's really good!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

I was thinking back on the past year and all the fights that have been brought to the forefront on The View. I actually feel bad for Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Poor girl tries to speak her mind and voice her opinion, but she gets viciously shut down by the other women on the show. Everyone is entiled to their opinion and just because she is the only right wing person on the show doesn't mean she doesn't deserve respect. I know the other women feel strongly about their opinions, but how is that different from EH feeling strongly about hers? Is it ok for the other women to gang up on her and make it seem like she is 100% wrong for speaking her mind? They don't have to agree with her, but to bully her like they do is wrong. I know a lot of you reading this might not agree with my "view" about this, and that's ok with me. This was just on my mind and I felt like speaking my opinion. This is also why I hate politics. It can get so heated and personal.

What's For Dinner?

I am in a dinner rut. I feel like I always cook the same thing. I am looking for ideas online and on Food Network, but nothing really appeals to me. What do you cook for dinner?

Leave a comment and tell me what your dnner menu looks like for normal week!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Techno Viking's Too Sexy For This Video

***You must watch the first Techno Viking to truely appreciate this***

Techno Viking Does Beat It

***You must watch the first Techno Viking to truely appreciate this***

Techno Viking

OK, this is oddly hilarious.

0:40 - Techno Viking comes in to lay down the law
1:15 - Sick Boy comes in to the picture to give Techno Viking some water
1:30 - Techno Viking lays down the funk
1:56 - Guy gives Techno Viking a flyer
2:11 - Techno Viking doesn't like fliers
3:02 - Techno Viking on the move

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Party Planning

Just in time for the holiday season (and Halloween). Here is a great site for party planning. There is a section for each holiday, milestone events, entertaining and more. There are recipes, decoration ideas, drinks, tips, activities, and a lot more. Click here to check out celebrations.com!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

I posted some time ago about how much I heart Tim Gunn. Well, I am watching season 2of his show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. I can't get enough! I am not sure what it is, but I love watching people get makeovers. I honestly could watch people get them all day. I know, I am a strange bird.

If you haven't seen Tim Gunn's Guide to Style, he has a list of 10 essential wardrobe items every woman must have. Tim says that a woman’s closet needs only to consist of these 10 essential items, but he doesn't expect every woman to ONLY have 10 items...I mean, hello!

Tim's Essentials List

-Basic black dress
-Trench coat
-Classic dress pants
-Classic white shirt
-Day dress
-Cashmere sweater
-Sweatsuit alternative
-One indulgent trend item. "Indulge occasionally in a $20 something or other."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Surgery Scheduled

I scheduled my surgery today! Never thought I would be excited about such a thing. This is the laproscopic surgery to look for and remove edometriosis. Which, will hopefully, resolve my infertility problems. The surgery is not scheduled until January, but I was told they schedule a couple months out in order to get the date you really want. It's really only 2 1/2 months away. Hopefully it will go by quick!

Test Results

I got the test results back from all my labs regarding the stomach problems I had been having. Everything came back clear. So, that's good. I thought about perusing it with another doctor, but I have not had any more episodes. I am thinking most of it was stress related. The worst part came at a time when Lucy was having surgery and we didn't know what was going on with Todd and all his hair loss. So unless anything else happens, I will not worry with this anymore. I feel goofy for getting tested and going through all of this for nothing to be found, but that's a good thing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Harebrained Idea

Every now and then I get a harebrained idea. There was a time where I thought I would get into real estate. I took the online course, but never got my license. I quickly (actually, while taking the course) lost interest. Then there was the time I wanted to be a wedding planner. Why would I want to put up with spoiled 20 something year old brides or annoying mothers? I also went through a phase where I wanted to be a hair dresser, or work in a spa doing spa type stuff. Who am I kidding? Well now I want to start my own business again. What? I have no idea. I would like to make something that I can sell or something, but I have not a creative bone in my body. Don't get me wrong, I like my job and I give it 100%. I just want a side hobby or side business (not to be confused with a 2nd job!). So why do I get these urges to be an entrepreneur or to do something creative, when clearly, I don't have any ideas or any drive and motivation to do it? Obviously I have something that wants to come out. I guess I need to figure out where to re-direct these desires where I will actually do something or get something out of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ahhh...My Reality Show Guilty Pleasures

I love me some Rock of Love and now I am loving me some Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne. Who can resist watching a train wreck? The chicks are T-rash-y...and I love it. I am also watching the 2nd season of The Pick Up Artist. Frank actually watches this one with me. It's actually a great social experiment for guys.

Click here to watch the first episode of Rock of Love Charm School and Click here to watch the first episode of the Pick Up Artist Season 2.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Finale - SPOILER!

So...tonight was the finale of Project Runway. I thought all 3 had some great pieces. I had at favorites out of each bunch...but after seeing Korto's line, I was 100% on her team. Her designs were beautiful in my opinion.

So let's break it down. Kinley - her black dress with the high collar was gorge, Leanne had very interesting detail in her "pleats". Her pant suit was brillz. Korto...what can I say. I loved each and every piece she showed.

The order of I would have chosen would have been:
3. Leanne
2. Kinley
1. Korto

BUT...we must move 3 to 1 and Leanne won.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Workin' On My Fitness

I rencently (well, it aired a couple weeks ago, but I am behind) watched an Oprah with Gwyneth Paltrow and they did a segment on how she works out with Madonna's personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. It' looks unconventional, but fun at least. Here are some of the highlights:

How to start: First make sure you have 30 minutes of your favorite songs on your iPod. Then find yourself a treadmill. Sprint for one song, skip for one song, and gallop for one song. Work up to a 30-minute work-out. Then move on to toning (below). Start with 10 repetitions and work up to 100 - these should be done every day.

Toning Exercises:
-Arm Raise: Using 3lb weights, stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly move arms together straight up into a V above your head. Elbows and wrists are bent slightly. Then gently lower your arms back down to your sides and without pausing go straight back up again. Work up to 100 reps.
-Single arm overhead pulse: Using 3lb weights, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Raise one arm above your head with your elbow slightly bent and then straighten your arm completely over your head. Pulse like that, up and down. Work up to 100 reps on one side and then the other.
-Ballet Grand Plies: Stand with heels together, toes slightly apart. With a straight back, bend at the knee as low as you can, then go back up again. Work up to 100 reps.
-Abdominal Crunches: Lie on the floor with arms at your side, your legs in front of you. Raise yourself slightly until you feel a "crunch" in your abs and then lie back down. The key here is to do it with your legs straight out in front of you, as that will really work your stomach without bulking it up. Work up to 100 reps.
-Piking: Lie flat on the floor, arms at your sides. Lift straight legs up to ceiling to 90 degrees and then gently lower. Without pausing, lift them back up again. Your upper body should remain flat on the ground. Both arms and legs should be straight with your toes pointed. Work up to 100 reps.
-Advanced Piking: Lie on the floor, legs straight out in front of you with your arms on the floor stretched out over your head. Hold onto a 3lb weight and bring your hands up to meet your legs when you raise them to a 90-degree angle and lower your arms and legs back down to the floor at the same time. Both arms and legs should be straight with your toes pointed. Work up to 100 reps.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Think I'm Going to Barf!

Most of you probably know I have a "fear" of small aquarium fish...so this article, Texas bans nibbling fish pedicures, made me want to vomit. Seriously? You know this idea came from Asia-land. Ha!

Flight of the Conchords

I read online that Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords will not air until January 2009.

Blog Design

I am frustrated today. I was playing around with different blog templates and did not save my original template. So I downloaded a few free ones and found one that I like. However, there are somethings about it that I cannot figure out. I am not techincal and I don't do any I.T. stuff, so naturally, I am getting frustrated. My blog might end up having multiple new looks over the next week or so until I can find a teplate that I like and is easy (for me) to use.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ladies Take the Final 3, Jerell is Out

What Gets You Through Rough Times?

From time to time when I have a bad day, or when I feel the world is against me, I remember this lecture given by Randy Pausch (which I saw for the first time on Oprah a while back). I am not a lecture person because I get board easily. I can be a bit A.D.D sometimes. However, this one is worth taking the time to hear. It may seem lame, or it may seem boring, but it's one of the most powerful things I have ever heard in my life. This is my "go to" when I get down in the dumps. It shows me that things are not as bad as I think they are and it reminds me to appreciate my life.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My New Favorite Treat

Haagen-Dazs Frozen Yogurt in Vanilla Honey and Granola. So yummy!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Wussed Out of Facebook

In an effort to simplify my life, I have opted out of Facebook. I will still be keeping my blog so I can stay in touch with my friends and of course, there is still email (which seems so 5 minutes ago compared to "social networking").

Another Health Update

I previously posted that I would have an appointment wih a specialist about my stomach problems. I went for my appointment today and got some good news, mixed with potential bad news. The good news is that the Doctor does not think I have Diverticulitis. The bad news is that it could either be an ulcer (not so bad) or Gall Bladder (can be bad). I did some lab work and will need to have an abdomonal sonogram then go back in a couple of weeks to find out what's up. If it's gall bladder, I might have to have surgery. Ugggg. If it's an ulcer, then I don't know what...but I am sure it's not a big deal. Stay tuned, more to come.

Table Be Round

OK, this was way funnier after a few glasses of wine last night...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Houston Trip

I was an idiot and forgot my camera so this will be a rather boring trip report. Frank and I went to Houston this weekend to visit his sister and her family. His dad ended up being there to visit as well. It was a quick trip, but was nice to see everyone. Frank took the boys out on Saturday to buy toys and video games while his sister and I went to get pedicures and go shopping. We all went out to dinner Saturday night and left around lunchtime today to come home.

Our nephew Mikey, the ham of the family (next to Uncle Frank) picks up on everything he hears or sees and makes it his own. For example...Frank made the mistake of exposing the boys to "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords (Click here if you have not see this yet) while showing his sister. So all weekend Mikey (8 years old mind you) walked around singing "it's business time, it's business time" and telling everyone "business hours are over baby" whenever they would leave a store or go to bed. Mikey also told us how his teacher makes him sign a red book when he gets in trouble, so Frank told him to tell his teacher next time she makes him sign the book, that "I wrote the red book"...and I am 200% sure he is going to actually do it. AND another piece of wisdom Frank passed on was for Mikey to write his teacher's name in the red book instead of his own. His poor mom. LOL!

Driving around Houston, you could still see a lot of damage from Hurricane Ike. There were piles of debris in front of almost every house awaiting pick up and several houses with blue tarps where there was roof damage. When Frank took the boys out on Saturday, they tried to go to Toys R' Us and they were still closed due to storm damage. We also tried a couple of different restaurants on Saturday night only to find they were also still closed. We ended up at Churrasco's. I had never heard of it before, and it was really good.