Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Shannon tagged and I'm it...

8 things I did today (in no particular order):
1) went to work
2) did laundry
3) picked up prescriptions
4) grilled steaks for dinner
6) took a shower
7) blogged/read blogs
8) watched tv

8 favorite restaurants (also, in no order):
1) Pirahna's
2) Mac's Bar & Grill
3) Sake Japanese Steakhouse
4) La Madeline
5) Rockfish
6) Abuelo's
7) Ocean Rock
8) Mi Cocina

8 shows that I watch:
1) Rock of Love - currently the love bus
2) 30 Rock
3) Oprah
4) Adult Swim (mostly family guy, robot chicken and metalocalypse)
5) Real Housewives of Orange County
6) Ghost Hunters
7) Supernatural
8) Smallville

8 things I wish for:
1) health and happiness for all my friends and loved ones
2) my surgery to be successful
3) a family of my own (see #2)
4) Frank's job success and happiness
5) my own job success
6) a marriage that stays strong and happy forever
7) a fit and toned body (working on it)
8) to become more chilled

8 things I look forward to:
1) Caribbean this spring with Todd and Kristi
2) new job possibilities
3) Britney concert with Shannon
4) weekends
5) those fun moments with Frank
6) maid service again next month (why didn't I do this sooner?)
7) spending time at home each evening with the puppies and Frank
8) summer

And, so I tag:
do I only tag those with a blog? How about this...if you are reading this and have not yet been tagged, consider yourself tagged!

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