Saturday, January 24, 2009

Body Brushing

I heard about body brushing about a year ago on an XM radio show. I bought a body brush at Origins, but never ended up doing anything with it. Body Brushing is a process that helps stimulate blood and lymph flow to eliminate toxins from the body. When done on a daily basis it has more long-term effects:

~helps combat cellulite
~removes dead skin cells
~strengthens the immune system
~tightens the skin
~tones the muscles
~improves circulation
~helps digestion

There are some good websites with more information, how to's, and types of brushes.


Shannon said...

Does that mean you're doing it now?

starnes family said...

This is cool, but I'd never be able to commit. Haven't taken a shower longer than 4 minutes in about 8 years. Sounds lovely, though!