Saturday, February 7, 2009


We are plus one today. Plus one more Pomeranian. Her name is Tangie and she is just shy of 2 lbs. and is 8 weeks old today. Todd and Lucy are getting used to her. Todd is acclimating a little better than I thought and Lucy is actually not. Todd did snap at her, it scared her and made her cry. But that is all he has done, much better than when we brought Lucy home 3 years ago. Lucy has wanted nothing to do with her and has barked at her a lot. She bonded with us really quick, especially with Frank.


missy said...

Oh my gosh so cute. i am now officially going to refering to you as sharon osborne.

Amanda said...

If I could only be such as bad-ass as Sharon when I reach my 50's!

starnes family said...

Did you watch Seinfeld? I'm channeling a Kramer quote saying a dog "ran on batteries". So tiny!!!!!! How fun.