Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wonderful World of Disney

Ahhhh, Disney World...for most people those two words evoke an array of happy emotions. As it sparks happy emotions for myself, it also brings mixed emotions. We spent four fun filled days at Disney this past weekend. We went to (almost) all the parks and saw all the attractions on our list. We rode all the rides we wanted. We even got to eat at all the restaurants we wanted to. We had a good time. The mixed emotion part comes in here...Frank and I do not do well with schedules and crowds of people not knowing what direction to move in. Although it was fun, it was not very relaxing.

It all started on a very early flight on 3 hours of sleep. The children sitting behind us were not well behaved. Frank had his seat kicked a lot. Even asking the parents to make the kid stop wasn't enough. The parents would not do anything about it! Awful! Not only was the younger of the two kids kicking Frank's seat, the kids were also watching Star Wars on a small DVD player, which normally would be ok. But NOT ok without headphones. Trying to sleep on Frank's shoulder I was forced to hear about the force! So needless to say the flight wasn't a pleasant one, but we made it in one peace and that's always a good thing.

I was just shocked at how many parents let their kids be rude and run amuck. Now I know I can't really complain about kids, because we did go to Disney World afterall, but what I can complain about are all of the adults who rent lark scooters because they are to lazy to walk around the park (and get some needed exercise). There were people that legitimately needed to be in them, but there were more people who just rode in them to ride in them. I know this because I would watch them get up and walk onto a ride with no trouble or get out of their chair to go get food. I know it might sound rude of me, but when you are trying to walk to a destination and you are held back by a moving barrier of strollers and larks in 95 degree weather for 4 days, it can get a little frustrating.

Anyway, aside from the people and things we have no control over, we had a really good time. It's been 8 years since we went last and it will probably be another 8 years before we go again. We definately won't go back unless we have children. Then we will be the annoying parents blocking the paths with our stroller and being too beaten down to punish our kids. Gotta love the "Circle of Life".


Shannon said...

I agree with you on the rudeness of other people being hard to deal with. We still love it but I can see how it wouldn't be as fun if you didn't have kids. Maybe someday Andy and I will test that theory out. :)

Kristen said...

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what a lark was the other day when I got your email. Reading this today I was like OOOOOHHH! Tee hee. And I can't stand it when people watch movies on airplanes without headphones. That's so rude.