Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trip Report - Turks & Caicos Islands

Frank and I just returned from an 8 day trip to the Turks & Caicos islands. It was beautiful and relaxing. Crystal blue clear water and white sandy beaches, you don't get much better than that. We stayed at the Royal West Indies and had a great room fully equipped with a mini kitchen and washer and dryer.

When we arrived on Saturday we had lunch at the resort restaurant, Mango Reef, and then went to the local IGA grocery store to stock our mini kitchen with some basic essentials. After that we headed right for the beach to take in the scenery and caught a great sunset.

On Sunday, we spent time laying on the beach and taking it easy with some beachy cocktails. We also explored our options for some fun excursions. We ate dinner at a very trendy (and very overpriced) restaurant at the Grace Bay Club called Anacona. Great bar/lounge area.

Monday, Frank went Scuba Diving with Caicos Adventures and I laid on the beach and by the pool soaking up the sun and reading magazines. It was very relaxing.

Tuesday, we went Kayaking with Big Blue Unlimited. I have never been kayaking before and I had a blast! It was more of an eco tour than just kayaking. The guide took us through the Mangroves and we got to see several baby lemon sharks and a baby nurse shark along with other marine life like puffer fish and strange species of jellyfish. The baby sharks and other fish use the mangroves for shelter from bigger predators until they are big enough to survive in the unprotected open waters.

Wednesday, Frank went diving with Big Blue and I went snorkeling. We had to take seperate tours because there was not room on the dive boat for me. Big Blue takes very small groups on their excursions and I liked that much better. The group of snorkelers I was with were very nice. I never would have been able to go alone a couple years ago.

Thursday we took it easy again and lounged by the pool after sleeping in.

Friday, Frank and I went Scuba Diving/Snorkeling again with Big Blue. There was room on the dive boat so I was able to go with him and snorkel around while the divers did their thing. It was pretty cool. The guides were very nice and it was fun watching all the divers.

On Saturday it was time to return home and back to reality.
(Be sure to check out the this video of a frisky dolphin . It was filmed by the ladies at Big Blue about a month ago on a snorkel tour....Ha-ha!!!)


Shannon said...

Beautiful! I'm so jealous.

Julie said...

Wow. So sorry you had to go there. It looks like a total nightmare. Next time, I'll go in your place so you don't have to suffer like that. Hey, that's what friends are for!