Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Must Be A Teenager At Heart

I must be a teenager at heart...

1. Saw Twilight and liked it? - Check
2. Think main guy from Twilight is a cutie pie? - Check
3. Check Perez Hilton website regularly? - Check
4. Watched the Britney Spears interview on MTV? - Check
5. Just bought the new Britney CD? - Check
6. Bought tickets to see Britney in concert in March? - Check

I am super excited about the concert because I am going with my good friend Shannon who is coming down from Wichita to go with me!

On the Twilight crush, I do admit that when I was younger I had it bad for the cute, quiet, brooding types. Oh, and does my movie crush make me a Cougar? Meow.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

bobbie bought me the book for my BD, so I'm going to read it 1st, then see the movie. And yea, he is cute, so I must be a couger too.