Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls Weekend

Shannon is coming down this weekend and we have a bunch of fun stuff planned. Here is a rundown:

Saturday Night - Dinner with the Pier 1 girls
Sunday - Take it easy and hang out, then head to Addison to see Brian Posehn
Monday - Shopping
Tuesday - Spa Day and BRITNEY!!

I am very excited about Tuesday. We will start the day off with lunch, then head to the Spa at The Crescent Hotel in Dallas. We will spend the afternoon there getting spa treatments, then we will get ready there and head to AAC to see Britney! Here are the treatments we are doing:

Drench Body Treatment - the ultimate spa experience, featuring the most luxurious products. Startingwith a full body organic exfoliation and mask, you will fall into deep relaxation. Theexperience continues as you melt away during your massage with a customized blendof organic shea butter, natural oils and aromatherapy.

Ayurvedic Body Treatment - derived from the traditional Pancha Karmarejuvenation therapies using herbal infused oils and a botanical body mask to exfoliate,cleanse, detoxify and nourish. Using oils selected for your specific constitution, a lightmassage is followed by a short herbal wrap.

Shirodhara Therapy - an ancient therapy used to restore the inner calm to the mind andbalance the emotions. Begin with a gentle dripping of warm herbal oil to the “thirdeye,” quieting the mind and soothing the senses. The oil is massaged into the hair andscalp, followed by an application of ayurvedic herbs that nourish hair roots andcondition the scalp. A mini-facial and massage to the hands and feet complete thistreatment.


starnes family said...

No one travels like Shannon. The master planner! You girls have fun and take lots of pics!

Shannon said...

Can't wait! I just hope I can get there through the ice and snow.

Casey, Amanda is actually a much more thorough planner when we do stuff together. I tend to only plan in detail when the kids are involved. Booked a cruise for May so my planning energies are focused there. Something besides *work* to think about. :)