Friday, March 13, 2009

Fertility Update

Since I had my surgery in January, I have not had a chance to truely "try". Timing was wrong in January because of the surgery and February I had a bad stomach bug when it was time to "try". So March will be my first time to really give this a go. I want to see if I can do this the natural way now that I have been cleaned out, so to speak.


starnes family said...

Hang in there!

Blake and I tried for our second child.....for 7 months....and it was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. So, we went to Mexico and drank a ton.

Successful! I know. I'm full of class.

Amanda said...

Gosh...if only it were that easy! In the past 4 years, I have been to St. Lucia, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum, and Turks & Caicos. Just think...two of those vacations could have paid for invitro. LOL!