Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I never had much respect, if any, for politicians. But usually I have respect for the leaders of our country, even if I didn't vote for them. (However) I thought Obama was going to gain that respect, but the longer he is in office the less hopeful I become. Leno appearance, Slamming the Handicapped, and Bracket picks? Seriously? Do President's have publicists? I get it...you want to be one with the people, Mr. Obama. That is why you were elected. You possessed that element of real-ness. But now that you are in office, it's important that you behave, at least present yourself, like a President. It is hard for me to have confidence in a leader who doesn't act like he is taking the job seriously. He needs to step back and rethink how he handles his new found "fame". I don't mean to offend those who support Obama. I just disagree with some of the things he has done recently. I guess it's the conservative in me coming out.

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