Sunday, April 12, 2009


My family has never been a church-y family and has never done the whole Easter church thing. We used to go to Brunch at a nice hotel or lunch at my Mom's. When I was young my mom did the Easter basket thing for me and my sister, but of course as I got older she stopped, naturally. But now that we are all older and have done the brunch thing over and over again, we have spent the last couple of years just hanging out at home. With no kids or grandkids, Easter just isn't as fun or necessary. It sounds sad, but it is what it is...and we are good with that. It's not like we don't want to celebrate Jesus, but like I said, my family was never a go to church every Sunday (or really at all) kind of family. Sunday's were for sleeping in, chores, and watching various sports games (for my Dad). There is a tiny part of me that feels bad for not "participating" in the holiday. Ok...I'm over it now.

Frank's family is different. His Mom is very religious and made him to go to church as a kid and really forced religion down his throat. The older she gets the more religious she gets. The rest of his family is not like that. His Dad is not church-y either. He said yesterday that most Christians say that God brings a family together. But it tore his apart because his mom is so fanatical and overboard with it. I am not at all saying church is bad or God doesn't bring family together, but I think it is all person or family specific. When I was at my lowest, I did go to church regularly for a while. I did not go to "find Jesus", but to learn morals and values. I took the lessons that were being preached and applied them to my own life. I got out of it what I needed and moved on. I always say I hate discussing religion and politics, but given that it is Easter, why not? Happy Easter everybody. Bock Bock!

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