Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter Dee...Twitter Dumb

I am twittleliterate. I joined Twitter with the intention of being a voyer. I didn't plan on posting to it or even keeping up with it in real-time. I honestly joined to follow people I know and celebrties just for kicks. The problem is that I have NO IDEA how to read what I am looking at. For example:

trent_reznorRT @dannylohner: wtf?- i just got twittered in the shitter by Tyrannosaurus Reznor!!??;;##
about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck

1. What is "RT @xxx"?
2. What is a TweetDeck?

OK...I got a blog. I got on facebook. But, Twitter? I can see how I would like it, but I don't like that I don't get it.

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