Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dominican Republic 2009

Trip report and pics as promised. This year we went to La Romana, Dominican Republic. It was a relaxing and interesting 9 days. Dominican Republic is a huge European holiday hot spot. We were suprised to not see that many American's. The resort was nice. We stayed at the Dreams La Romana. English is not the first, second, or third language on the island or at the resort. Because of that, it made it somewhat hard to communicate (both ways). Fortunately, Frank does speak some spanish, so that helped some. We are glad to be home after a layover Sunday night in Miami (unplanned of course). Here are some of the pics!

This is the little lunch place we ate nearly every day.

View from lunch

This is a private little pool over by one of the spa gazebos looking over the beach

Day 2 - Catalina Island. Frank did some diving and I did some snorkeling and laying on the beach (which I found is something I am super good at!)

"I'm ScubaMan"...

ScubaMan and his trusty sidekick (at least for the day)

ScubaMan - getting the girl, savin the day!

Shakira's house...according to Gri Gri divers.

Marina at Casa De Campo (the neighborhood Shakira lives in)

View from my lounge chair on the beach

Other random images from the trip

We also did a Jeep Safari into the mountains and a catamaran sail to Isla Soana. I will try post those pics tomorrow because this is already a long post. Since we are on the topic of vacations and if you are planning a cruise, my friend Shannon has a cool new blog with some good info on it. It's not just for vacation tips, but it also has other life tips aswell. You can find her at remarkablyclever.com!


starnes family said...

Have always wanted to go there! Love your green and blue paisley dress. Precious.

Shannon said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for linking to my blog. Several people have visited from your link already.