Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scuba-Don't, Scuba-Do

Growing up I was always fascinated with the Ocean. There was a defining moment in 2nd grade in the library at school when I checked out a book about Sharks. From that moment on, I was hooked. I attended Sea Camp at Texas A&M Galveston when I was 15 and again when I was 16. I was going to be a Marine Biologist but I didn't have the study skills or motivation to make it through all the math and science. When I was in college, I took Scuba at UTA and got certified. I had just a handful of dives under my belt and then I had the accident. I was never all that comfortable in the water but that was probably because I was just uptight in general and never relaxed. The accident I had was all because I wasn't prepared for basic situations. My mouth got dry (which is very common) and I coughed. The thing I did wrong was not hold my regulator to keep it from coming out of my mouth. So it did and I inhaled a ton of water and panicked. I inflated my BCD and shot myself to the surface. It felt like I was kicked in the chest and I was light headed and close to blacking out. Fortunately I was only down about 20 feet. This was close to 10 years ago and I had not been diving since. Until now. I decided to give it another go and enrolled again at UTA in scuba class. This time is so different. I am calm and comfortable in the water and skills that were extremely hard for me to do before like mask clearing are second nature to me now. I am excited to be back in the water and to get back to my passion. I had missed out on so many experiences over the years in places like Grand Cayman, Aruba, St. Lucia, Puerto Vallarta, Turks and Caicos, and Dominican Republic to name a few. I owe it to myself to not just give up on my passion and to give myself another chance at doing something I truly love. So the question now is...where to next?

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