Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Years Goes By Fast

Today is the 10 year anniversary of the big ass tornado that hit Downtown Fort Worth. I remember that night like it was a year ago. Queue the hazy blurry dream sequence...Frank and I were living in North Arlington (technically Grand Prairie) off North 360 in an apartment. I was working for Ryder in Las Colinas and he was working with Bass in Downtown Fort Worth. I got home before he did as usual, and turned on Channel 5 news. David Fenfrock actually showed the tornado happening LIVE on TV!! It was crazy. I kept calling Frank and he wasn't answering and I was really scared. The tornado was ripping right through the middle of Downtown. Being on the 3rd floor of the apartments, I panicked because the storm was heading straight down I-30 towards central Arlington (close enough for discomfort). Still scared shit-less about Frank...I was a mess. Finally Frank got home and I demanded we go downstairs to our garage on the bottom floor of the apartments and sit in the car (my Jetta). I thought that would be the safest place. But it got really hot sitting in there because we couldn't turn the car on because the garage was closed...duh.

Turns out Frank couldn't answer his phone when I was calling to check on him because he racing down I-30 with the tornado in his rear-view mirror. Can you blame the guy? Good thing he had his fast new Audi A4. That was such a cool car. But I's funny how I remember things so vividly and others not so much.

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