Monday, March 8, 2010

Short Falls

I am 5'1" tall and there is nothing I can do about it...unless I live in China. Lisa Ling reported on a recent Oprah show about the new trends in cosmetic surgery in China. She said people are actually heightening by having their legs broken and stretched. You can grow anywhere from a few inches to a full foot. Amazing, but not without 6 months of recovery and pain. People are electing to have this extreme surgery all because height is a big deal in China. Jobs, Education Acceptance, Dating, etc. all depend on how tall you are. If that were the case here in the US, I would be jobless, stupid (hush), and single. Of course this elective torture is not cheap. It runs anywhere from $10K to $40K.

I have heard of this done in the States for little people (is that the right term these days?), but I couldn't imagine doing something this insane. Things like this make me glad to be part of Western culture.

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Anonymous said...

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