Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dream Weaver

So random. Last night I dreamnt that I bought Frank a Harley Davidson for his birthday. The strange part is he is not a Harley fan, doesn't ride motorcycles, his birthday is in May, and clearly I have no money to up and make this kind of purchase in reality. Anyway, in my dream I waited until the last possible minute to buy his gift because in reality he is really hard to buy for. He has everything he wants and he isn't into any 1-thing. If he is into something, he researches and ends up buying it for himself.

So in my dream, I had to rush to buy his gift on my way to meet him for dinner. I just stopped by the local Harley store and bought him a nice vintage bike similar to the one below (minus Brad Pitt-sigh). No idea how much it cost in my dream or even if Harley makes vintage bikes. But I remember having to have someone drive it to the restaurant for me and for some reason he couldn't drive it home. Not because he can't drive a bike (he grew up on them), but no idea why...then I woke up. Dreams are strange and sometimes have no meaning. As if you already didn't know that.

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