Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation 2010

Ole! We just returned from an 8 day vacation on the Mayan Riviera. We stayed at the Valentin Imperial Maya and it was wonderful. We got upgraded to First Class both ways, and had a private Suburban all to ourselves for airport transportation. I felt a little bit like a Celeb. Honestly, the private Suburban didn't cost much more than the hotel transport and was totally worth it!

Car Service (ignore the deflated hair, sweaty face, tired look I'm sporting)

Hotel Lobby

Our days mostly consisted of laying by the pool and reading. Oh, and eating. Did I mention we ate a lot? We ate a ton. The food by far was the best hotel food (all-inlclusive or otherwise) I have ever had in all my years of travel. Everything had so much flavor. I know I gained 20 pounds between the food and the pina coladas, champagne, and mexican coffee!

Main Pool (I didn't get any good pics of the pool by our room that we stayed at all the time)

French restraunt

Menu scroll thing at Indonesian restaurant

Inside Japanese Restaurant

Aside from non-stop eating and drinking, I WENT SCUBA DIVING AGAIN!!! After over 10 years it was time to get back on that horse and face my fears. It was AMAZING! I was more than proud of myself and I can't wait to do it again.
Me very nervous before my first dive

Best place to be ever

I've missed all this stuff so much

The hotel grounds were beautiful with a lot of wildlife. And when we got home to our own wildlife, our little Tangie went Brazilian. The vet had to shave her when they groomed her because she was so matted up. With all her hair I couldn't feel the mats under it all.

Tangie in her new sweater...she is not used to being so hairless.

It was an amazing trip and oh so relaxing. I read 3 books, ate my weight in food, and layed in the sun so much that I have a good reserve of vitamin D. Good to be home.


starnes family said...

What books did you read?

Fab vacation......I love the Mayan favorite part of Mexico (Akumal, specifically).

Amanda said...

I read (in order of mindless-ness, but all good no less):

Sliding Into Home - Kendra Wilkenson (former Girls Next Door) this one in a matter of hours :)

Up For Renewal - Cathy Alter

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

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jorge armando said...

holaaa quisiera que visitaras mi bolg =)
Pd. la chica de las fotos esta bien linda
(= ♥ =)

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