Monday, May 31, 2010

In The Quest For Less

Weight that is. I have read various articles that give good tips on ways to reduce belly fat and help aid in weight loss. In addition to exercise, of course. Some things are a given, like drinking water through out the day. A lot of people do this. It helps you feel full. People also put lemon in their water to give it some flavor.

Lemons - The pectin in lemon peel is an excellent source of fiber, which helps stop the body from absorbing sugar quickly. Pectin also helps eliminate cravings. Drinking water with a whole lemon for weight loss is an excellent way to speed up weight loss and detox the body.

Cherries - Cherries are low in calories, low in fat and contain a high percentage of water. Research has shown increasing water consumption will boost energy levels and help increase metabolism.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice - Drinking 3 glasses a day over 12 weeks, can help you loose an additional 3 pounds. Try the brands that are 100% juice and no added sugar.

Milk - Several studies have concluded that calcium-rich dairy products helped people lose more weight from the abdominal region than those taking calcium supplements or eating a low-calcium diet.

I definately plan on trying these tips in addition to exercising more frequenly. My body isn't the same it was 10 years ago. Hell, even one year ago. It's crazy what mid-30's can do to ones ability to lose weight and keep it off.


Julie said...

I gotta say I don't completely agree with all of those, but maybe I'm wrong. But I was going to say, regarding calcium, when I lost all that weight a few years ago (for your wedding & GLenda's wedding), one thing I did was eat a fat-free, sugar-free yogurt almost every day (Yoplait). I really thought that helped me a lot.

Also, apples have a lot of pectin in their skin. Just FYI. The pectin in a lemon peel in water, you're not really going to consume enough of it to help. Unless you eat the peel, which is not to most people's taste.

Good luck! You're doing a great job! I'm about to start exercising, so I'm going to use you for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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