Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another Health Update

I previously posted that I would have an appointment wih a specialist about my stomach problems. I went for my appointment today and got some good news, mixed with potential bad news. The good news is that the Doctor does not think I have Diverticulitis. The bad news is that it could either be an ulcer (not so bad) or Gall Bladder (can be bad). I did some lab work and will need to have an abdomonal sonogram then go back in a couple of weeks to find out what's up. If it's gall bladder, I might have to have surgery. Ugggg. If it's an ulcer, then I don't know what...but I am sure it's not a big deal. Stay tuned, more to come.

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Margaret said...

If it is your gall bladder, the surgery is not bad. I actually had not pain medicine for mine when I got home (it is out patient). They called in one with codeine,to which I'm allergic, then they called in another one with codeine, by then 2 days had gone by and I actually was taking 4 advil a couple of times a day, and had virtually no pain at all. So, you may be more like me than you thought. Doesn't that thought make you say "yea".