Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog Design

I am frustrated today. I was playing around with different blog templates and did not save my original template. So I downloaded a few free ones and found one that I like. However, there are somethings about it that I cannot figure out. I am not techincal and I don't do any I.T. stuff, so naturally, I am getting frustrated. My blog might end up having multiple new looks over the next week or so until I can find a teplate that I like and is easy (for me) to use.


Shannon said...

I like this one a lot! What technical thing did you need help with? I'm kinda good at that sort of thing. ;)

Aunt Margaret said...

I like this one too. Hey did you know about firefox? I saved your page to my autodial page. Now, I will see it everytime I open the internet and won't have to remember to look at it. I really enjoy it!
Also, is there a way to leave multiple comments without having to login to Google every time?