Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oceans Review

Frank and I saw Disney's Oceans last night and I was not impressed. It was kind of slow moving and the production value wasn't that good. I think Life on Discovery channel is much better. I just thought being Disney that it would be more over-the-top. It did feel good knowing that Disney Nature made a donation in our honor for seeing the movie in its opening week.

A few things I learned though:

1. Disney films make for good birth control. So many kids...and they were bored! I mean, hello! they are watching a DOCUMENTARY. Not many kids are going to be able to stay interested for an hour and a half.

2. Some Moms let their kids talk and run all over the theater because it's easier than chasinig them around and dicsipling them.

3. Babies cry in movies. Not that I am just learning this, but apparantly somone did. The mother who brought the new born to the movie. Who does that? Sheesh!

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