Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blogging for Bill

Our neighbor of 6 years, Bill, passed away last night. It is so sad because he and his wife Cheryl were the best of friends. Bill was diagnosed with pancratic cancer last Christmas. We were told this at their annual Christmas gag gift exchange for 2009. Bill was one of the most kind and caring person I knew. He was a spitfire though. Ex Navy, wood-worker, smoker, diabetic, drinker, curser, sweetheart. So sweet and welcoming. We didn't go over there enough to visit. We normally would go over for their Christmas party and the occasional summer celebrations. Sad because they live right across the street. Bill always greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheeck. He always treated us like family, although he didn't know us very well. Bill was surrounded with a large family and great friends. It is so comforting to know that Cheryl is being comforted by them all in this difficult time. If I didn't know I would think this was just another outdoor celebration, which Bill would be at the center of. I couldn't imagine them not grieving any differently.

I went over to give my condolences this morning. It started Thursday night when I saw the ambulance and firetruck outside their house. I then saw Bill being brought out on the gurney. Friday went by and only 1 car was in the driveway. I thought this was a good sign. He was still in the hospital and Cheryl was by his side. It all changed when I went to get the mail this morning and saw all the cars and people carrying in food. I knew what had happened. I went across the street and my other neighbor was mowing his yard (which was really sweet) told me what happened. I went inside to offer my condolences to Cheryl. My heart goes out to her.

More family and friends gathered tonight so I went back over to say hello and offer condolences to Cheryls kids (who are my age), but I couldn't hold my shit together. I was going to start crying and they don't need more of that right now. So I will bake a cake and take over a card tomorrow.

God Bless you will be missed.

Love, Frank and Amanda (a.k.a. Batman and Mrs. Batman)

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