Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Dog Is An Asshole?

My husband, Frank, thinks my dog Todd is an Asshole. Kind of funny actually. Here is some of his reasoning:

1. He's always mad at stuff.

2. He eats Bananas only because our other dogs Tangie and Lucy like them. He doesn't even like Bananas!

3. He gets mad (barks like hell) when Frank takes a shower.

4. He gets mad (barks like hell) when Frank goes into the garage.

5. He's a "buzz-kill". He barks like hell when he hears things outside. Usually when we are watching a movie or are into a tv show.

6. He only likes to get pet when the other dogs are already getting attention.

7. Todd is a cock-blocker. Anytime Frank goes to kiss me, he sticks his little self in the middle of us.

8. He doesn't give a shit about a toy unless one of the other dogs has it.

9. He pees on fucking everything.

10. He only pukes on carpet. Refuses to puke on the wood floor. This is typical when he eats grass outside.

With all that said, Todd monkey is my baby. He is 8 years old and dammit he isn't going to change a thing. He loves his mamma and does what daddy says because he knows daddy will smack him. Don't get it wrong though. Frank loves Todd monkey. He was a birthday gift for me in 2002 and Frank has trained him to do a lot of stuff.

I love my Todd. He is my O.G.


Jodie M. Cordell said...

Hahahaha! That's freakin' hilarious! I love dogs...they have so much more personality than cats! (Or at least, I think they do.) My old man, Chico, has gotten more "character" as he's gotten to be so much older. He'll be 19 years old this summer. He had to stay behind with my folks when we moved to Germany. But my mom likes calling me and telling me funny stories of the crazy things he does these days. Maybe Todd's not so much an asshole as he just has a lot of "character!" ;)

Anonymous said...

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