Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Pie Update

Lucy Pie is doing a little better. The Vet said she doesn't have a ruptured disc, but most likely has an inflamed disc. She took her first dose of anti-inflammatory medication today at lunch and will take another dose at bedtime. The Vet said she should start feeling better within 48 hours. She could still be getting better from the enema and pain killers too.
I am to keep her mostly confined for the next 21 days to keep her from jumping on and off the couches and to keep her from playing with Todd so I have erected the Kirk Puppy Triage Center. This way she can still be out here with the family and not shut away in her crate all day and night. I had bought this pin when Todd had a ligament problem in his knee several months back and had to be confined as well. Lucy will stay in here with her food and bed and toys when we are at home and she will stay in her crate as usual when we are at work and at night. She is already starting to show signs she is feeling better.
I told Frank I am going to look into pet insurance (can you believe there is such a thing?!) because these dogs seem pretty breakable and they are our babies. They are all we have and we want them to be as healthy and happy as possible.

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