Saturday, August 23, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

I took Lucy in for her follow up visit and the Vet thinks she has neurological damage. She recommends that we take her to a neurologist for dogs in Dallas where they can do more extensive testing. The Vet also did a blood panel on her to see if there isn't anything else going on or contributing to her problem. We will have the results back on Monday for that. I will also be contacting the Neurologist in Dallas to schedule a consultation. Lucy does seem to be doing better, but that is definitely due to the medication she is on. The Vet did say to keep an eye on her and to keep her confined and calm. She could still potentially take a turn for the worse.

To make matters worse, Todd seems to be losing weight and A LOT of hair. I asked the Vet about this and she said based on what I said, she definitely wants to see him and do some blood work. She said it could be anything from a skin disease, thyroid problem, to diabetes.

Sigh...when it rains it pours. I just pray that my babies are ok. This is breaking my heart.


Shannon said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry your babies are sick. Might sound stupid but could Todd be reacting to Lucy being sick and that would be causing his problems?

Amanda said...

It's possible. I am making an appointment for him on Monday. I am sure his will be easily treatable with meds. I am looking into pet insurance right now!