Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucy Pie Update

Today I took the day off work and took little Lucy pie to the Veterinary Neurologist in Dallas for her exam and evaluation. Just as we thought, they wound up needing to do a myelogram which is an x-ray where they inject a dye into the spinal column to see what's going on. They were able to see that something was wrong, but needed to do a cat scan to see further. It turns out she had 2 herniated discs in her middle back and some spinal bleeding. They had to put her under for the x-ray, so they called me with the results and after my ok, they went directly into surgery. About an hour and half later, the Vet called and said the surgery went well and she was recovering as expected in doggy ICU. She will spend the night in the doggy ICU and they will call me tomorrow to let me know how she is doing. They said she will be there for about 3-5 days. They will not let her come home until she is going potty on her own and eating on her own. It's been a hard day with lots of tears early on, but I am very happy she is going to be better. It will take some time, but I am glad she will not be in pain anymore. Her problem is congenital and has probably been bothering her for a long time, which explains why she has been so standoff-ish and anti-social for a while. Frank and I thought she was just socially deficient. I will post again tomorrow when I hear from the vet. Oh, and the Vet is some French dude who I can barely understand. He went to school in Switzerland, did his residency in the States, went back to Switzerland to teach, and then moved back here to work. He also has several publications and does lectures. So...I feel like she is in good hands. :)

And not to leave Todd Monster out of this, he had blood taken at the vet the other day to see what's going on with his "beyond shedding" hair loss so we should have the results back tomorrow to see what's going on. The Vet thinks it could be a Thyroid problem or he's just getting old. She said when dogs get old their hair thins and they shed even more. He is 6 years old, so that could be it. We will know for sure tomorrow.

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