Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad Friend?

Sometimes I feel like a bad friend. I am not a phone person and haven't been since Jr. High School. Not huge on instant messaging or emailing either. I do get on facebook regularly, but mostly it's just to scan for updates, make the occasional comment and shut down. I spend a lot of time alone and with Frank. I should try to spend more time with friends, but most everyone has kids and busy schedules. That is not an excuse by any means, but I try to not bother people since I know everyone has "lives". Because if I am "busy" without kids, then I figure my friends with kids are uber-busy. It kind of sucks that I get more anti-social as I get older. I know this happens with a lot of people, but I hate that it is happening to me. I still love hanging out with my friends and I enjoy everything we do and all the laughs we have. I always look forward to it. I guess I just feel bad for not making more of an effort to do it more often.

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Kristi said...

Pssshhh....don't be so hard on yourself. ;) I am the same way and communicate WAY more via email or text than I do on the phone. I have downtime too you know and mostly what I do with that is we can be bad friends together.