Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lasik Update

So how did my lasik surgery go? Well, not good. The procedure itself went well. My eyes responded as they should and I can now see. Things are a bit blurry and hazy, but I was told that was normal. My right eye is red where it should be white though because they had to put the suction of death on it twice because my eye popped it off the first time somehow. They gave me a valium and I did take a xanax about an hour before the procedure. However, that was clearly not enough. I basically had a panic attack while laying there having the procedure done and cried like a baby when it was over. Everyone says it's so easy and not a big deal....ok, I can see that. But when you have an anxiety disorder like I do, it's a huge deal. The suction cup thing they said there would be some pressure. Some pressure my ass. It hurt like hell. I must be a gigantic baby. I suprised myself that it hit me like it did. But I suffered through it and it's all over. I hope to god I don't need any enhancements. If so, I now know to self medicate a lot more prior to the torture...I mean procedure. Yes, it was worth it. But damn.

For those curious, I went to Kleiman Evangelista in Arlington on Matlock. They were great. Very professional and very good. Dr. Kleiman was my surgeon and he was really nice. The facility was really nice and I would recommend them to anyone.

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