Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stuff and Things

My awesome and creative friend Shannon has inspired me again. This time to post random thoughts on my blog. I usually try to post one subject at a time, but why? I should post like my thoughts are sometimes. Random. Here is some random stuff and things. Hope it doesn't make me sound crazy.

~I think it's cool when people move like bugs/animals in the movies, like on Legion.

~The green Fabreeze candle I bought at the grocery store smells really good but I can't remember what the name of it is right now.

~I am still trying to find "my personal style", but I think I am close.

~Short hair sucks, but it works best on me.

~I tan. There, I said it. Not ashamed either. It makes my skin soft and I don't look pasty. I don't do it so much that I look like I am a "tanner", so that is good. If I do, please be a friend and tell me.

~Sometimes I think I drink too much at home. I love wine.

~I love cheese.

~I love to sleep.

~I am a pretty happy person when things aren't going down the toilet.

~I want to wear more dresses.

~I am apprehensive and excited about the future, specifically the next few months.

~I want a Volkswagon Eos.

~For example, Burlesque is becoming more mainstream and so is vintage and I am going to miss the obscurity of it. It's rare I like something long before it becomes mainstream. Kind of sucks. Non-conformists? I get it.

~Foodies are awesome and scifi is cool.

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