Friday, January 1, 2010

New (to me) Music

I have been looking for new music for a while now because I am just bored of what I have. I recently found some great new stuff. I wanted something different than the norm and I definately found it. I included links to where you can preview the songs for yourself. Just click on the name for the link. I am loving my new finds!

1. Nouvelle Vague - best described as Brazilian bossa nova cover music of random alternative hits from the 80's like Blue Monday and I Melt With You. Actually the resort where we stayed in Dominican Republic last summer had these songs playing throughtout the resort.

2. The Ravonettes - are a modern, edgey band with a 50's punk twist. Lots of steele guitar, which I love love love!

3. Bossa N Stones (also available are Bosaa N Marley, Bossa N Roses) - more bossa nova loungey cover songs. I love the laid back familiar vibe of these songs. Great for a cocktail party!

4. Jazz and 90's (and Jazz and 80's) - jazzy hits like Suicide Blonde, Creep, Personal Jesus, etc.

5. Champion - great mix of house and alternative rock all meshed together to make an innovative sound. No heaven is the song that I first discovered. Nothing like I had heard before.

6. Muse - ok, so not so unfamiliar, but I am just now getting into it. Uprising and Starlight are amazing songs.

7. Metric - Frank stumbled on this band and thought I would like it so he bought me the CD (Fantasies) and I love it. Turns out the first song on the CD was on the show Vampire Diaries. It's pretty cool.

I have a few others sparking my interest, but I haven't taken the time to really look into yet. One of them is called Ladyhawke. Happy listening!

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Kristi said...

Metric is a great band. Also check out Copeland if you haven't already.