Sunday, January 31, 2010


If I were 20 I would probably want another tattoo. Yes, I already have one. I got it when I turned 18. No it is not a tramp-stamp and yes I would change the location and not have that particualr design. Some of you reading this were actually there for it when I got it too.

My mistake. A purple butterfly. If you know me you know where it is, if you don't know me, you don't need to know.

I think tattoos should symbolize your passions. Not just what you think is cool at the moment. I wouldn't really get one now because I am almost 35 years old and have a professional job. Plus I do know that bodies change shape over time and things don't look as cool when your 70. I'm just sayin. Anyway, here a couple I would consider and why. Not sure where I would put them. All small in size of course.

Anchor. Why? I love boats and being on boats on vacation. Something about the rocking motion of the boat while laying out on in the sun on crystal blue water feels amazing.

Shark. If you know me, this one should be pretty obvious.

Those are pretty much the only ones I would consider. I have been close to going through with it a couple of times, but I think I am glad I never did. Still want to though. Ha!

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