Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Status Updates

These last 25 Status Updates are proof that I spend too much time on Facebook. 25 updates since January 20th. I do have a life, I really do!

1.could eat an entire bag of kettle cooked potato chips if she didn't care...
2.is not watching the super bowl today!
3.on 30 Rock about a tattoo..."It's a mermaid doin it with Captain Morgan." LOL!!!!!!
4.is watching something something dark side.
5.thinks the Shake Weight is just plain wrong.
6.is bummed the offer fell through :( They couldn't secure their loan. Back to square 1.
7....if your late for special ed, is it improper for the teacher to say you're tardy?
8.had fun with her work peeps tonight at crap daddy's!
9.I swear, if I hear that G.D. Firefly song one more time...
10.will never make it out of a maze. Algorythm's are hard. Simple math, my ass.
11.peanut butter jelly...
12.realized I live my life in "phases".
13.counter accepted. Still have to wait for-ev-er to close though. Mid April. Sux. At least that gives us time to figure out where to live.
14.Wanna make a bet? We'll be neck and neck, taking off the gloves. Spider Vs Bat, Tiger Vs Rat, Rabbit Vs Dove.
15.can't watch sad stories on the news about pets and animals just like people with children can't watch bad things about kids. Yes, I am that person. My name is Amanda and my dogs are my kids. Hi Amanda.
16.18K LESS than asking price! Are you kidding me? Time to counter.
17.doesn't have a story.
18.works for an awesome company that @BillGates just followed on Twitter!
19.is so bajiggitty.
20."Don't talk to strangers unless you want to meet anyone...ever."
21.is so glad to be working out again. Beach body, here I come!
22.is 20/30...20/20 isn't far away!
23.I ♥ Daniel Tosh.
24.is excited about the unknown!
25.and if you act now...

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