Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kickboxing. Nope.

Last night at the gym I watched the kickboxing class while I was on the elliptical and thought "that looks easy"...well, not so much. I always thought I was rather coordinated. Clearly that is not the case as I get older. Yes, it was my first class so I won't know all the moves. But I felt so stupid in there. What made it wose for me was being right next to a wall of mirrors. Seeing myself from a side view in tight workout clothes scared the ba-jesus out of me. I'M AWAKE! Lord. Why is it I thought I was okay? Obviously because I don't own a wall of mirrors. Sweet jesus, that was a good wake up call.

So, I will go back to the formula that got me skinny last year. Going to the gym almost everyday and doing weights and more ab work. I have been so lazy since this past summer. I need to get my giant ass in gear and quickly. I don't have much to offer, so I need to get my body in shape. When I say I don't have much to offer, I mean that I am not tall, I don't have lusterous thick hair, or naturally blonde hair, etc etc etc. SO, I need to rock my body and keep things in check. So all in all, kickboxing wasn't a bad thing. At least I got a good wake up call from it.

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