Sunday, February 28, 2010

Johnny Weir Is Fabulous!

Johnny Weir competed in the Vancouver Olympics this year and is the most openly flamboyant figure skater anyone has ever seen. He is (said in my Oprah voice) Fabbbbuloussss!!!! I love love love him and his sparkly onsies. There is an hour and a half long documentary on the Sundance Channel about him and his road to the Olympics. The best part about this documentary are the clips they show off the ice. For instance, Johnny and his best friend Paris (not Hilton, and is a boy) are sitting in the bath together with wine and bubbles while Johnny is wearing a blonde wig and glasses, talking in a Russian accent interviewing his bff Paris about himself. Paris is just as faboosh as Johnny.

Johnny is who he is and makes no apologies. Even when he is at a competition representing the U.S.A. and wearing a jacket with RUSSIA written all over the back. Johnny loves Russia for some reason.

He is now 24/25 and says he is too old to keep competing. I just hope he stays in the spotlight. He has too much presence and personality to blend into the blur.

Anyway, do a search for this show if you love this type of stuff. The name of it is Be Good Johhny Weir: Pop Star on Ice.

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Julie said...

Totally set my DVR to record it! Looks like it's split up into two 1/2 hour shows, so I'm taping both. I didn't watch him skate, and I've never seen him live (as in, not in a still photo), so I have got to check him out!

And I still think you should watch RuPaul's drag race. Totally your kind of show!