Saturday, November 1, 2008

People Suprise Me

Last night Frank and I went out to dinner and then for some drinks. We went to Chadra for dinner and the same waitress served us from the last time we went 2 weeks ago. She remembered us and remembered what we wanted to drink. I don't know why but that just surprised me. Later, we went to Milo's and they had a huge Halloween party going on with a lot of people. We dressed up, but just in "going out" clothes, not costumes. When we got in there, the bouncer joked that we were going as a normal couple for Halloween. We were there for about an hour and a half. While we were there, a fight broke out. Someone threw a beer bottle at the bar. Not sure if they were aiming for the bartender, but yikes. No punches were thrown, but it got very heated. So after things cooled down, we went to leave the bar. Even after all of that drama that the bouncer was involved with, he shook Frank's hand and said "Good Night Mr. Kirk" and then patted me on the back and said "Good Night Amanda". Who remembers people's names when hundreds of people are coming and going and drama going on? I was impressed. That is why I say people surprise me.

On a side note, at Milo's, I sat down on a stool across from the bar and waited on Frank to get our drinks. Some dude actually tried to pick me! The sad part was that he was , by far, the nerdiest person in the bar (and he wasn't even in costume). Ha! Later, Frank went to the restroom and another guy, who can best be described as Cedrick the Entertainer’s twin brother, hit on me. Freaking hilarious. So yeah...

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Kayla said...

That is crazy! You and Frank both have great energy though, so I am not surprised that people remember you both! :)

Way to go on getting hit on by "the nerd" and "Cedrick the Entertainer!" Your night was complete. lol.