Sunday, September 14, 2008

10 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

A good guide to organizing your closet from

1. Divide the closet into zones, and use three short rods rather than a single long one. Hang dresses, robes, and coats from one high rod; hang blouses and short items from another high rod, and skirts and folded slacks from a low rod below.

2. Group clothes by color.

3. Stack cubbies across the closet floor to create space for shoes.

4. Make sure shelves are adjustable, and line them with smooth vinyl matting, usually used to protect drafting tables. Cut the matting to fit each shelf, and fasten it with double-sided tape.

5. Clean garments before storing them for the season. Sugar stains, like wine, can set and spread over time. View our stain chart for information about treating stains.

6. Remove dry-cleaning bags, which trap moisture; use fabric bags instead. And don't store wool or silk in airtight containers -- they need to breathe.

7. Line very light garments with acid-free tissue. (Does anyone actually do this?)

8. Fibers can dry out if the closet temperature is consistently above 75 degrees.

9. Never let mothballs touch clothing; hang them in old socks or hosiery. If you suspect moth infestation, dry-clean the clothes, and wash the closet with mild soap and water.

10. Before storing heavy coats, stuff the arms with acid-free tissue. (If anyone can tell me where this stuff can be bought, that would be great. Actually, I would probably only take the effort if I owned a coat that cost over $200!)

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