Monday, September 22, 2008

My Tummy Hurts

I have been having some stomach issues off and on for a couple of weeks now. About 2weeks ago, I was in pain from about an hour after I woke up until the next day. My stomach was cramping above my bellybutton but under my ribs pretty badly so I went to the Urgent Care facility down the street Friday night. They tested me for an ulcer (which came back negative) and basically told me to schedule an appointment with my family doctor and go buy some Maalox. Since then, I have had problems off and on, not as severe though. So today I went to see the doctor and he thinks I might have a small case of diverticulitis. He prescribed some antibiotics and wants me to schedule a "procedure" within the next couple weeks...let's just say my other option is a colonoscopy and THAT sounds better than this. With the colonoscopy, at least I would be sedated. That is all I know right now. I don't know which test I will have to do or when I have to do it. I just know that I have 2 weeks of this medication and I need to modify my diet. My doctor did tell me some foods to avoid and ones to eat. So, bye-bye salad, salsa, seeds, corn, broccoli...sigh...I am sure there are a lot more foods, so off to the web I go.

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