Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tina Fey for VP?

I am not a very political person, and honestly, I probably won't even vote this go around (I un-American...yada yada yada). However, Sarah Palin is just great! I like the fact that she presents herself as a real person. It is nice to see a nominee not be all about business. I like how Sarah Palin put herself out there as a hard working family person who most everyone can relate to. Her teenage daughter is pregnant and the media has had a field day with it. Really, all families have hard times and hurdles to overcome. The media should not make it such an issue and I don't think that is fair.

Sarah Palin's speech was fantastic. Being a sister of a special needs child, her speech really touched me when she stated that the parents for special needs children will have an advocate in the White House. How often do you hear politicians mention anything other than political issues, economy issues, or healthcare? Yes, you can lump in the special needs children with healthcare, but for her to address it like she did was great. I like that. I like Sarah Palin. Plus Tina Fey is going to have a good gig with SNL this fall because of her!


Shannon said...

She's pretty entertaining to listen to but what's not so entertaining is how much she lies.

Shannon said...

Link didn't work so I'll try again.

Fact checking Sarah Palin

Amanda said...

I have a hard time imagining that a politician in the race for the Presidency or Vice Presidency would lie. I guess I can see a politician exaggerate things and sway things in their favor and I can definitely see that it might be more likely for a small time politician to lie, but then again I am sure Obama is not 100% authentic too. Of course I am very naive in politics and I guess I don't like to think that people in at that level of importance would lie.

This is why I am not that into politics! :)