Saturday, September 6, 2008

Día de Declutter

We are all so busy these days, and I know for me, there is little time to devote to housework. I don't even have children and our house isn't really big, but believe me, it's easy to get too busy. So in an effort to become more "Martha Stewart-y", I thought giving out tips on my blog would be a good reminder to myself to actually do these things and not just talk about them. So check back from time to time and I will have some good tips and ideas to share (and make use of!).

Once a month, put a "declutter day" on your calendar. Use this day for cleaning clutter off surfaces, putting things away, and re-organizing the laundry room, kitchen drawers, closets, etc.

Use a laundry basket and trash bag. Walk around with the basket, putting things in the basket that are out of place or are just plain cluttered and using the trash bag for items you no longer need. Go back through the basket and put things where they belong.

Some of my favorite websites for organization and inspiration are:

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