Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lucy's Recovery

Lucy is still recovering from her back surgery 2 weeks ago, but she is doing GREAT! We still have to crate her, but when we do let her out to go potty, she tries to play. She has a lot of energy and I stopped her pain meds a few days ago. She is still wobbly and she has a hard time with her back footing. Last night, we let her go into the kitchen to "vacuum" up some cheese Frank dropped on the floor and she nearly flipped right over! It looked like she was flipping over her handle bars. I caught her before she finished the flip thank goodness. The Vet says it was probably because of her back legs not being 100%. She goes for her surgery follow up visit on the 23rd, so hopefully after that, we can stop crating her when we are home.

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